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HIV/AIDS Prevention in Teens

Here is the stuff you really need to know!

Are teens at risk?

Yes!!! Here are some scary statistics:

In every hour of every day, 1-2 teens in the US get infected with HIV.

One out of four AIDS cases in the US is a person who was probably infected as a teen.

AIDS is the leading cause of death for all Americans age 25-44.

50% of all the people in the world with HIV/ AIDS were infected as teens.

HIV/AIDS does not discriminate! It doesn't matter if you're old, young, male, female, gay, straight, African-American, Latino, Asian or White. The AIDS virus can still infect you.

AIDS is hard to get by casual contact!

DO NOT worry about:

Touching, hugging, toilet seats, mosquitoes, swimming pools, or sneezes. And don't worry about sweat, tears, urine or saliva (unless there is alot of blood in it).

Here is what you DO need to worry about:

3 Activities:

Unprotected Sex (sex without a condom) - anal, vaginal, oral.

Blood to Blood - sharing needles, tattoos, ear and body piercing.

Infected mother to child - during pregnancy, at birth, or through mother's breast milk.

4 Dangerous Fluids:


Semen (including pre-ejaculation fluid)

Vaginal fluids

Breast milk

Here is how to prevent HIV/AIDS:

Abstinence is the best choice!

It is not the time to experiment with sex or drugs. Drugs mess up your mind and distort your judgment. Postponing sex is a really good idea.

If you or someone you know is sexually active, we recommend:

Latex condoms - not lambskin which has pores that HIV can pass through.

Water-based lubricant - NOT oil-based (like Vaseline or hand lotion) which can destroy the condom. Try using "Today", "KY", "personal", "Wet" or other water-based lubricants.

Monogamy, fidelity, and trust.

Proper and consistent condom use is a must!

Check the expiration date!

Open the package very carefully!

Press reservoir tip to squeeze air out!

Carefully take the condom off immediately after ejaculation!

Only use each condom one time!

Dispose of it properly!

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